1. The grape harvest

SestoSenso_vendemmiaThe grapes come from the vineyards of our company to have total control of the raw material.

2. Crushing of grapes

mostoThe grapes are pressed in order to separate the solids (skins, seeds ..) from grape must.

3. The cooking of grape must

DSC_4007The most obtained by squeezing is then baked to obtain a viscous and sweet syrup.

4. The process of acidification

SestoSenso-botti1Cooked must is added to wine vinegar acetic high alcohol to obtain a bittersweet mixture from which it originated balsamic vinegar

5. The aging process

SestoSenso_botteIn the next step, the acetified most is transferred to oak barrels to refine the organoleptic characteristics of the product and thus’ becomes balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP

6. Bottling

After aging the product is monitored and filtered and then bottled.