The Balsamic vinegar is used on the table every day, in every part of the world already, to enrich dishes and condiments, on aged cheeses (such as Parmesan and Pecorino cheese or pit), Sesto Senso are perfect with white meat or red and are excellent on the fish – a few drops may transform a slice of grilled tuna on a plate with an elegant and refined taste.

Great used in marinades, gives the sweet and sour taste to the flat of poultry and game. Also harmonize perfectly with sweet spices and herbs such as cinnamon, cloves and juniper berries and found a great use even in fruit salads and ice cream.

Can be added to the dish just before removing from the heat, so they can have time to enrich your dishes with their extraordinary aroma and complexity of their bouquet without any dispersion. Used in the right dose, the balsamic vinegar gives it a flavor completely unique and inimitable, even on exotic dishes and oriental cuisine.

Great if used as a digestive liquor at the end of the meal.